Bardia is a London based designer, photographer and art director. He is also the publisher and editor of Autodidact Magazine. He is available for commissions within visual communication, editorial design, photography, illustrative storytelling, creative direction, identity and publication planning.

Autodidact Magazine

Founded, edited, art directed and designed by Bardia, Autodidact is an initiative to promote print and the tangible experience it brings with itself.

Against the sky

The story was shot at the winter solstice and deals with the fine moment between darkness and light.


A series of illustrated portraits were created to celebrate the contributors of Autodidact magazine.

The fall

Collaborating with stylist Gissell Garcia, we took the idea of falling in love with a stranger, and considered the fact that love itself is a stranger.

A Mediterranean Diary

"To fall in love with the mediterranean sea is to embrace beauty, and to look for dreams in everyday things." An observational journey.


Shot for Cake Magazine. Rollerskate is a playful and informal study of balance, coordination and natural beauty.

Ash Koosha

Portrait photography and editorial design of composer and producer Ash Koosha for the first issue of Autodidact Magazine.

Richie Culver

Interview, portrait photography, editorial design with artist Richie Culver for duality issue of Autodidact Magazine.

Kickstarter video

A video created for Kickstarter to raise funds to print Autodidact magazine. The challenge lay in making a digital material to promote a printed one.


An ongoing experimentation of storytelling through the use of space and the discovery of its effects.


We were inspired by heartsease, a wild pansy with purple and yellow flowers to shoot this story together with Lisa.


A selection of logos and branding work for various clients.

Lut to Antarctica

A visual documentation of a journey from the hottest to the coldest place on earth, focusing on similarities created in such different climates.

Future Reflections

Inspired by the greek mythology known as Sisyphus and Albert Camus' interpretation of the subject we shot the story for Institute magazine.

Cover Designs

A selection of cover designs and illustrations for various publications.

The Common Man

A Selection of illustrations inspired by personal, social and political events of the past years.


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